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Tepeköy Ilkögretim Okulu

(The Tepekoy Primary and Secondary School)





Tepeköy Primary and Secondary School is an urban school in Tepeköy. The school is in an disadvantageous area, but thanks to its idealist and successful teachers, it is known for its achievements. 

Tepeköy is a small village within the borders of Mersin.  It is 45 km away from the city center. The city, Mersin,  is situated on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea with lots of natural beauties; thus, it has been a crossroad for civilizations. 


The school has approximately 320 children from 6 to 15 years of age. It consists of 2 kindergardens, 5 primary classes and 7 secondary classes.

Most of the people in the village are farmers and their economic condition isn’t good.



Our students live in a disadvantageous area and and they are not economically in a good position. Thanks to this project, our pupils will have the chance of exploring new places and broadening their horizons by building new friendships. They will have a wonderful experience and they will enrich their point of view towards different cultures and lifestyles, which will result in eliminating the prejudices and promoting linguistic and communicative skills by forming  cross-cultural friendships and  interactions.

The pupils will actively join the project activities, which will help them gain self-confidence, self esteem and let them think emphatically and sympathetically. They will come to realize different cultures and will appreciate the European dimension and they will become active, global citizens.



 5 Primary classes  /  6 Secondary classes / 2 Nursery classes



The teachers room


The aim of the project is to enrich the teaching/ learning process with the help of the arts and lively games; that’s why the topic “Arts” is the main point of the project. 

Other objectives of the project are to involve arts within curriculum lessons such as language, history, natural science, mathematics and of course in the curricular lessons of arts; therefore, imagination and ingenuity in children will be developed, teachers’ role in asserting respect for knowledge will be increased; the curriculum lessons will be enhanced.




The Technology classroom



The Library


The meeting hall


A laboratory


The Playfield


The playground






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