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Tepeköy İlköğretim Okulu - Project Coordinator

Tepeköy Primary and Secondary School is an urban school in Tepeköy. The school is in an disadvantageous area, but thanks to its idealist and successful teachers, it is known with its achievements.  Tepeköy is a small village within the borders of Mersin.  It is 45 km away from the city center. The city, Mersin,  is situated on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea with lots of natural beauties; thus, it has been a crossroad for civilizations.  The school has approximately 320 children from 6 to 15 years of age. It consists of 2 kindergardens, 5 primary classes and 7 secondary classes. Most of the people in the village are farmers and their economic condition isn’t good. Our students live in a disadvantageous area and and they are not economically in a good position. Thanks to this project, our pupils will have the chance of exploring new places and broadening their horizons by building new friendships. They will have a wonderful experience and they will enrich their point of view towards different cultures and lifestyles, which will result in eliminating the prejudices and promoting linguistic and communicative skills by forming  cross-cultural friendships and  interactions. The pupils will actively join the project activities, which will help them gain self-confidence, self esteem and let them think emphatically and sympathetically. They will come to realize different cultures and will appreciate the European dimension and they will become active, global citizens. The aim of the project is to enrich the teaching/ learning process with the help of the arts and lively games; that’s why the topic “Arts” is the main point of the project.  Other objectives of the project is to involve arts within curriculum lessons such as language, history, natural science, mathematics and of course in the curricular lessons of arts; therefore, imagination and ingenuity in children will be developed, teachers’ role in asserting respect for knowledge will be increased; the curriculum lessons will be enhanced.




Tepeköy İlköğretim Okulu

  Tepeköy Beldesi Mezitli/Mersin;

 PC - 33330 ; Mersin; Turkey

Contact person: Neşe Çelik;

Mobile +90 507 783 29 03 ;




Bulgaria  - ЧДГ "Приятел на Детето" 

 Kindergarten “Child’s Friend” (a branch of Association "Child's Friend") is situated in the compound of the Bulgarian Academy of Science. We occupy a separate one storey building, surrounded by grass covered playgrounds with lots of flower bushes and fruit trees. Across the fence there is a well managed tennis court, where the children can play open air sportive games two hours daily. We work with 3 groups of children, formed by age / 3-4; 4-5 and 5-6/. The staff consists of 4 pre-school teachers/pedagogues, 2 English teachers, 2 actors /fully engaged/ and part time specialists in: music, drawing and dancing. We also have 2 ladies /hygiene personnel/. Most of our students are from families of scientists, or young PhDs working in the Academy of Science. Among the children we have a case of cerebral paresis, and a few with logopedic problems. Acceptance of other children is by parent’s choice.
Association "Child's Friend" and the Kindergarten host regular after school and weekend activity groups with children 7 - 12 years old, from different schools.
Our educative team involves well known Bulgarian writers, actors, artists, musicians and pedagogues. We work in close partnership with Bulgarian schools, from rural and urban areas, in the process of implementing the objectives of our European projects nationwide, consulting teachers and students of all levels. "Child's Friend" is engaging experienced artists, scientists and pedagogues,  working in the field of culture and education for preservation of traditional ethical an aesthetic values and further development of a strong sensitivity in regard to contemporary challenges such as ecology in the broader relevance to nature and more specifically - ecology of human nature, mind and soul.
Our main concern is to strengthen the fruitful links between generations, opening space for a better use of the expertise, knowledge and talents of experienced specialists, in lifelong learning activities with groups of children, young people and adults. 
Broadening the scope of the target groups, the Association collaborates locally with many Official Institutions, NGOs, minority organizations, institutions for people with disabilities and elderly.
The Association is a member of the Children’s Museums Association “Hands ON International!” and of "Platform Intercultural Europe".



  Kindergarten "Child's Friend"

Pre-primary school

 Director :Tzvetana Platikanova

 Address: Krakra 19; 1504 -Sofia;




 Mob:+359 897958649





Leafield CE Primary School

Leafield CE Primary School is a small, rural, village school on the edge of the Cotswolds, 18 miles north-west of Oxford. Our school was founded in 1839 and is located in the middle of the village green. We currently have 99 pupils from aged 4 to 11. We are organised into 4 classes and employ a headteacher, 4 teachers, 8 teaching assistants, 2 administrative assistants, 2 lunchtime supervisors and a cleaner. We enjoy good community support and have an active Parents' Association. Leafield School has strong links with the church and successfully promotes a Christian ethos through our Values Curriculum. Many of our children have limited experiences outside the village and could be described as rurally poor,with approximately 40% of our pupils living in low cost housing. We do not have a culturally diverse population and therefore our pupils will really benefit from this partnership. 11% of our pupils have special educational needs, including Autism; Speech and Language Difficulties; Behavioural, Emotional and Social Difficulties and Learning Difficulties. We teach a thematic and creative curriculum with the majority of our topics based around children's literature. Our children also attend after school clubs for sport, music, drama, art and technology.




Leafield CE Primary School

Leafield CE Primary School,

The Green, Leafield; OX29 9NP; UK

Tel: 01993 878273 ;

Headteacher Jane Ridley ;






Maestro Juan Alcaide public school is located in the outskirt neighbourhood of Valdepeñas, in the province of Ciudad Real in the region of Castilla La Mancha.
We have 242 students ageing from 3 to 12. Valdepeñas is a city that lives from different sources such as agriculture, industry and service sector, but the main business is the wine industry. Apart from that Valdepeñas has places such as hospitals, shops, theatres that are shared with other nearby towns. This entire situation helps to create jobs and make Valdepeñas into a lively place.
Most of our students come from the surroundings of the school but more and more there are other students from other parts of the city or other cities that want to come to our school to join our bilingual project. The bilingual project is not only bringing to our students more opportunities to improve their linguistic abilities but also to have the opportunity to mix with other types of students. 
On the other hand we get an increasing number of immigrants to our school every year, having 9% of our students being immigrants at the moment. We have 8 different nationalities apart from the 5% of an ethnic minority.
As for the students with learning disabilities, we have around the 13%. The school has been improving the resources lately to help these students thanks to different funding from our government. All these make possible to integrate better these  students.
For all these aspects, we asked to have a bilingual project so we could teach our curriculum through English and Spanish. As a result of having this project, our school has improved their consideration among the families. Now our families are more involved in the education of their children and in school life.






13300 VALDEPEÑAS ; ES42 - Castilla-La Mancha


Contact person:


Mob: 0034629355386


school e-mail:




Scuole San Giuseppe - Ecumene Soc. Coop.  Soc. ONLUS

Our school is located in the South East part of Liepaja city, on the bank of Liepaja Lake. It is a living region of the city, therefore there are a lot of children there. Not only children from this part of the city attend our school but also from other parts. We have 330 pupils. One third of them are from families with only 1 parent.

Many children live with their grandparents because parents have left the country and live and work abroad. We have many children with learning difficulties but no disabled pupils. The staff of 30 people helps the pupils to learn and grow.

We would like to make the life of our pupils more interesting with the help of Art. We have been working in projects making our environment better, now it is a time to make better ourselves.  We hope we will manage to do this in the project.



Scuole San Giuseppe 

 Ecumene Soc. Coop.  Soc. ONLUS

Via Scalabrini 3

36061 Bassano del Grappa ; ITALY

Contact person: Daniela Zonta 



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