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Italy  is a parliamentary republic in Southern Europe. To the north, it borders France, Switzerland, Austria, and Slovenia.

To the south, it consists of the entirety of the Italian Peninsula and the two biggest Mediterranean islands of Sicily and Sardinia, in addition to many other smaller islands. The sovereign states of San Marino and the Vatican City are enclaves within Italy. 

Italy has a largely temperate climate. With 59.7 million inhabitants, it is the fifth most populous country in Europe.


The Italian capital - Rome, was conventionally founded in 753 BC, and grew over the course of centuries into a massive empire, stretching from Britain to the borders of Persia, and engulfing the whole Mediterranean basin, in which Greek and Roman cultures merged into a unique civilization.

The Roman Imperial legacy has deeply influenced Western civilization for the following millennia. Ancient Rome shaped most of the Modern World.



Mont Blanc is the highest peak in the EU

The Republic of Venice was a major maritime power during the Middle Ages and Renaissance, and a very important center of commerce and art.

This made Venice a wealthy city throughout most of its history. It is also known for its several important artistic movements, especially the Renaissance period. Venice has played an important role in the history of symphonic and operatic music.

  Sites from Venice  


The Coliseum in Rome, built ca. 70 – 80 AD, is considered one of the greatest works of Roman architecture and engineering.

The Vatican city 







 Venice - the Carnival


Bassano del Grappa is a city in the region Veneto, in northern Italy.

The symbol of the town is the covered wooden pontoon bridge, which was designed by the architect Andrea Palladio in 1569. The bridge was destroyed many times, the last time during WWII, but is now completely rebuilt after the destruction.

The artist Jacopo Bassano was born, worked, and died in Bassano and took it as his surname.



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