Comenius Project:  "Arts Can Make Learning a Happy Adventure"  2013 -2015



CEIP Maestro Juan Alcaide


Information/Presentations Arts in Learning Celebrations Videos
 Spain, Region, City, School Arts in Family Carnival at Maestro J. Alcaide year1 - Carita Divina
Europe and Castilla La mancha Still Life Painting Carnival Parade 2015 year2 - Santa Clones
  Ready for the Meeting in Spain Angels - Raffaelo Santi International Day of Peace year3 - Merry Christmas!
  Our Children and Staff Lent religoin - Angels May Fair2014 4-Rock around the Christ.Tree
  The Pink Tulip - 3years old Pilgrimage  Joy to the World - 5 years
Project Work 2014 (and links) Door Decorating Power Easter - 5 years 6 All I want for Christmas is
  Winter Scenaries Summer Festival  6 Popurry school orchestra
  Winter Landscape Peace Day year1 - Theatre (Eusebio)
  El Greco - The Life of Jesus   year1 - The Birthday Party
  year 1 - Spring Flowers   5 The  Merchant of Venice
  year3 - Comenius Memory   year 2A - Today is Monday
  year4 -Flowers (Maria Jesus)   year4- Winter Winnie Song
  Winter (Invierno)   Celebrating Carnival - 5 yrs
  The Ugly Frog - 3years   El Zapatero (The Shoemaker)
  year 5 - Little Ida's Frowers   Heels and Toes
  Making Movies   La parabola de Buen pastor
  Illustrator IRIB   Pompom Workshop - 5 yrs
  Vineyard Process    
  Merry Christmas    
  Christmas card    
  Post Office    

 Important notice: In order to prevent the website becoming too heavy, most of the video files have been shortened, to an extent giving the viewer an impression of the recorded event. Thefiles in  full size will be available on DVD.


Some Outside Links:   school website

Spanish illustrator Irene Burgos (two web-blogs where you can see her work).

Two children books writers, our friends.

Pablo Albo:

Pep Bruno: