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Kindergarten "Child's Friend" -  Sofia, Bulgaria

       Our Project Products

  Presentations and Events Art Work in School Art Lessons and E-games
  Our Country Bulgaria Exhibitions 2013 - 2015 Books and Reading
  Our City Sofia Christmas Wirkshop - Indoor Decoration Stories written by children
  Kindergarten "Child's Friend" Christmas Preparations 2013 Children draw after Cezanne
  Celebrating Day of Tolerance - 16 Nov. Christmas Workshop - Greeting Cads Illustrations and Illustrators
  Celebrating Day of Europe - 9 May Christmas Traditions in Bulgaria Music
  Quick View on Traditional Spring Fests Christmas 2013  :  Christmas 2014 Painting to Music
  Holiday Heroes - Campain Christmas Workshop 2013 Puppets in class
  Helloween 2014 Christmas Worushops 2014 Sound and Rythm
  Christmas 2013 Holiday Heroes - workshop Study Theatre
  Christmas 2014 Kukery Carnival (February 2014) The Little Girl and the Whirlwinds
  1 March Celebration Kukery Masks and games 2015 Theatre Games
  Spring Festivities 1 March Flags Lotto (game)
  Indoor Summer Games 2014 1 March Family Workshop  
  Short VIDEO  Clips 1 March Workshop 2  E- Games created by us
  Christmas Song 1 Baba Marta Workshop with Grannies It was impossible to link the Game Codes,
  Father Christmas coming 1 April - Fun Day so our games can only be found on a DVD.
  Christmas Fest Nature - class work The games include:
  Christmas Ritual Spring in Art 12 Puzzles on William Turner's paintings
  Christmas  Song 2 Springtime Decorations 18 Memory games on European Artists
  Christmas Song 3 Spring Exhibition 26 Puzzles on European Artists paintings
  Happy New Year 2014 Summer Games 2014  
  1 April - Fun Day Sportive Games in Open Air (14 -15)  
  Summer Events Spring Festivities Card  
  Easter Dance1  ;  Easter Horo2 Winter Festivities Card  
  Easter greetins - Little Ones Impression  
q111 June with EU Representation Spring Festivities