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Life Long Learning Programme

Comenius Multilateral Partnership project


Duration: 01.08.2013 - 31.07.2015



Our Idea         

  We believe that pre-school and primary education are the seed that should be carefully nurtured to give fruit to the strong and healthy plant of personal development and human progress.With the objective to enrich the teaching/learning process through the means of arts and lively games, we chose the ARTS to be the focal point for this project.   

The work process will be interwoven in lessons such as language, history, natural science, mathematics and of course in the curricular lessons of arts. Besides gaining greater freedom of expression and self-respect, children will develop skills in reading, story telling, drawing, modeling, singing and dancing.
Live performances of children, video recording and projections, exhibitions and presentations will take place in classes, school festivities and during partner’s meetings. 
During the mobilities guest teachers will demonstrate creation of short theatre events and thematic games with host school classes.


 The final result will be made visible through the project Website, the project blog, and numerous informative brochures and DVD compilations of video documented work process and public events created by all partners.




Our aims cover a process of enhancing curriculum lessons by involving subject related creative projects (creative workshops, art clubs, interactive games and outdoor activities) developing imagination and ingenuity in children, and at the same time increasing the teacher’s role in asserting respect for knowledge, ethical values, team work and international collaboration.

Partners will maintain regular communications exchanging ideas, experiences and documents of the work process and the results achieved.

The best examples of children’s Artwork (exhibitions, performances and festive Art club activities) of each partner school will be displayed to a broader public from the local community.

In this website you can find information about the partner countries, our cities, villages and schools and of course about the collaborative work process.

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